Resources for Account Administrators

Through community access, ASQ Online is now available to any Kansas community partner that serves children ages zero to five that would like to administer developmental screenings. This Statewide ASQ Enterprise System is intended to improve coordination and reach more families.

The following resources are provided to support Kansas Part C networks as they administer community-level ASQ Online Enterprise Accounts. Kansas Part C networks with questions about ASQ can email Stacy Clarke (

Application for ASQ Kits

With funding from the Preschool Development Grant – Renewal (PDG-R), we can provide statewide access to ASQ Online systems to improve coordination and reach more families. Also, a limited supply of ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 kits are available to providers at no cost. To apply, please complete the form below.
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Part C Orientation Video

This orientation provides an overview of the Statewide ASQ Online Community Expansion Initiative and information Part C Account Administrators need to get started with ASQ Online.
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Quick Reference Guide for Part C Account Administrators

This quick reference guide provides instructions to help you get up and running quickly with ASQ Online, the web-based screening management system that will be used to collect and report ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 questionnaire data.
Download the guide (PDF)

Overview letter of the statewide ASQ Online initiative

Read this letter to learn about the statewide initiative.
Download the letter (PDF)

ASQ Enterprise User Agreement

Read the data use agreement for use of the Statewide ASQ Enterprise System.
Download the agreement (PDF)

Onboarding Checklist

Use this checklist to get new programs started in an ASQ Enterprise.
Download the form (PDF)

ASQ Enterprise System Preparation

Use this form to provide your program information to join an ASQ Enterprise.
Download the form (DOCX)

Statewide ASQ Enterprise Account FAQs

Get your questions answered abut the statewide initiative with these FAQs.
Download the FAQs (PDF)

  • Teacher and Student

    What ASQ Users are Saying

    We chose ASQ because it is easy to do, low cost, culturally sensitive, and it meets our purpose of basic screening for our children’s development. Our infant teachers base their curriculum on each individual child based on the ASQ.”

    Kathy Bostic, Program Supervisor, Pinehurst Child Care Center