Increasing parent knowledge with ASQ.

ASQ® is the ideal way to reach the most critical goals of the national Parents as Teachers program: helping children realize their full potential through early detection of developmental delays and increased parent knowledge of early childhood development. If you’re integrating the Parents as Teachers model into your early childhood program, ASQ can help you successfully implement two of the model’s four essential service delivery requirements.

States across the country are already using and/or providing training on ASQ and ASQ:SE-2 as part of Parents as Teachers:

Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Utah

Using ASQ to implement the four essential service delivery requirements.

Screening. When the parent educators on your staff use ASQ, they can be sure they’re conducting the best developmental screening for early identification of potential delays. ASQ aligns with the Parents as Teachers vision for effective screening—it allows for regular review of each child’s developmental progress, and it identifies both strengths and areas of concern that may require a referral for further services and interventions. | Discover the other benefits of ASQ®-3 and the social-emotional screener, ASQ®:SE-2.

Personal visits. With ASQ, parent educators will make the most of every home visit with the children and families they serve. ASQ is a great way for parent educators to share age-appropriate child development information with parents, get parents ready for the next stage in their child’s development, and increase parents’ confidence and competence as they deepen their knowledge and expertise. And with the ASQ®-3 Learning Activities—fun and simple games for each of the developmental areas screened with ASQ-3—it’s easy to help families improve their interactions with children and support their ongoing growth and progress.

For programs integrating the universal-access model, ASQ also helps meet the needs of families from diverse cultures and backgrounds. The third edition, ASQ-3, includes a refined Spanish translation reviewed by a panel of experts to ensure clarity, plus revised illustrations, wording, and examples in the questionnaires to help diverse families give the most accurate responses.


MIECHV-funded programs: Download the DOHVE issue brief on using ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE to meet MIECHV benchmark area measurement requirements.

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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    ASQ-3 has helped make our staff and our families more aware of developmentally appropriate growth and development. The resources that come with the ASQ-3 have been instrumental for parents to provide school readiness activities at home and to understand the objectives that we cover in our plans.”

    Jessica Trail, Head of Faculty & Administration, The Young School