Screening with ASQ: how does it work?

Simply, accurately, and effectively. Nearly four decades of research and user feedback have shaped ASQ®. It’s designed to fit in with early childhood routines and engage parents.

  1. Select the questionnaire. Select the questionnaire that matches the child’s age—easy with the automated questionnaire selection in ASQ® Online or with our ASQ® calculator.
  2. Ask the parent to complete the questionnaire. Questionnaires may be distributed online through secure, customizable ASQ® Family Access; or in paper format—which can be easily distributed through mail, on a home visit, or in-person.
  3. The parent answers the questions. ASQ’s items are easy for parents to try with their child and respond to. Questions such as “Does your baby pick up a crumb or Cheerio with the tips of his thumb and a finger?” The parent answers yes, sometimes, or not yet then moves on to the next item. This process takes about 10–15 minutes.
  4. Score the questionnaire. With ASQ Online, the results are automatically scored quickly and accurately. The paper format can be easily scored by hand in just 2–3 minutes. Then, compare the child’s scores to the cutoff points listed on the scoring sheet.
  5. Discuss results with parents and determine next steps. Communicate the screening results to the child’s parents, and suggest resources for follow-up, monitoring, or further assessment if needed.
  6. Share activities with parents. Help parents encourage the child’s development by sharing fun, fast learning activities.

Learn more about the 6 easy steps to screening success with these illustrations!

  • Children at a Craft Table

    What ASQ Users are Saying

    ASQ-3 has helped make our staff and our families more aware of developmentally appropriate growth and development. The resources that come with the ASQ-3 have been instrumental for parents to provide school readiness activities at home and to understand the objectives that we cover in our plans.”

    Jessica Trail, Head of Faculty & Administration, The Young School