Screening Navigator

No matter what role you play in the screening process, you’re part of an important, multifaceted initiative with a single goal: helping all young children get the best start in life.

This Screening Navigator is your step-by-step guide to the big picture of developmental screening, from planning and implementing a successful program to monitoring results and fine-tuning trouble spots.

Choose any step on the Screening Navigator as your entry point for free tools and resources specific to your daily work. Or explore the entire Navigator from the beginning to get a comprehensive walkthrough of the whole screening process—and see how your work contributes to your program’s success.

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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    “What I love about the ASQ is that it allows our staff to catch delays quickly and allows us to get our clients the early intervention programs that they sometimes need. In many cases [ASQ] helps us catch children up before they start kindergarten, therefore providing children with the start that they deserve.

    Sharon Gee, Supervisor, Healthy Families Niagara