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For ongoing, long-term success: ASQ Learning Activities.

Enhance the growth and development of infants and young children with fun, easy-to-use learning activities—specially developed to complement ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2.

Product Overview

Learn and have fun together!

These activities are perfect for sharing with parents of children who are developing typically or need non-intensive support in one or more developmental areas or with social-emotional skills.

ASQ-3 Learning Activities

These playful, developmentally appropriate activities

  • encourage progress in the same five developmental areas as ASQ®-3—communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social
  • use safe, age-appropriate materials that most families have at home
  • help even the youngest children develop crucial early language and literacy skills
  • promote closer parent–child interactions
  • serve as a natural follow-up for children who score in the ASQ-3 monitoring zone

New additions include a new set of activities for 0–2 months; more activities—30+ per age range; more language and literacy activities; more language modeling for parents; easy to email PDF format to share with parents; more differentiation of activities by age; and activities are now in color on the CD-ROM. Plus, the book includes a keycode for accessing the activities in your ASQ® Online account.

Now packaged as a book and CD-ROM together so you can photocopy, print, and email them as needed, these creative, cost-effective activities are the perfect way for parents and children to learn and have fun together.

Learn more about ASQ-3.

ASQ-3 Learning Activities

ASQ-3 Actividades de aprendizaje

ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More

Specially developed to complement ASQ®:SE-2, this essential resource makes it a snap to share practical social-emotional strategies with parents of children from birth to age 6.

In this book and CD-ROM set, you’ll get:

  • Social-emotional learning activities. With more than 90 fun, developmentally appropriate activities—10+ per age range—you’ll promote adult–child interaction and key social-emotional skills. Give them to parents after every screening to help children make progress in their social-emotional development.
  • Newsletters for parents. Along with the activities, give parents a copy of the newsletter that corresponds to their child’s age. Engaging and fun to read, these nine newsletters explain important social-emotional milestones, share tips on strengthening this area of development, and offer parents warm and encouraging words of wisdom.
  • Topic-specific handouts. You’ll get concise, age-specific one-sheets that answer parents’ questions about three big topics important to social-emotional development: feeding, sleeping, and calming. Also included are tip sheets on special topics such as choosing child care, establishing routines, learning to use the toilet, preparing for kindergarten, and more.
  • Hello, Parent! letter. Use this friendly letter to introduce the handouts to families and reinforce the importance of social-emotional development.

All materials are written at a fourth- to sixth-grade reading level to make them accessible to a wide range of parents. You can access and share the content in three easy ways: photocopy sheets right from the book, print full-color copies from the included CD-ROM, or share them with parents via email or through
ASQ Online. These creative activities are an effective, low-cost way for parents and children to learn and have fun together.

Learn more about ASQ:SE-2.

ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More

ASQ:SE-2 Actividades de aprendizaje y más

More than 400 fun and fast activities to support child development!

See a Sample ASQ-3 Learning Activity

Over 90 fun activities to support social-emotional development, parent newsletters to explain key social-emotional milestones, and handouts to answer parents’ important questions!

See a Sample ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More Packet

ASQ:SE-2 Actividades de aprendizaje y más provides all of the resources found in the ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities and More—translated into Spanish!

See a Sample Spanish ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More Packet

Learn how the ASQ Learning Activities can support your program’s work with young children and their families.

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Available in English and Spanish!

ASQ-3 Learning Activities
Paperback with CD-ROM
• Stock Number: 72469 • 2013 • ISBN 978-1-59857-246-9


ASQ-3 Actividades de aprendizaje
Paperback with CD-ROM
$49.95 • Stock Number: 72476 • 2013 • ISBN 978-1-59857-247-6


ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More
Paperback with CD-ROM
$49.95 • Stock Number: 69780 • December 2017 • ISBN 978-1-55766-978-0


ASQ:SE-2 Actividades de aprendizaje y más
Paperback with CD-ROM
$49.95 • Stock Number: 52735 • May 2018 • ISBN 978-1-68125-273-5



ASQ-3 Learning Activities and ASQ-3 Actividades de aprendizaje


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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    “I like the ASQ:SE, which is an easy non-threatening tool to use to assess important social-emotional developmental milestones of the baby…. This tool lends itself well to developing educational activities to foster a healthy parenting relationship.”

    Cynthia Suire, MSN, RN, Nurse–Family Partnership Program Louisiana Office of Public Health