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For ongoing, long-term success: ASQ Learning Activities.

Enhance the growth and development of infants and young children with fun, easy-to-use learning activities—specially developed to complement ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2.

Product Overview

Learn and have fun together!

These activities are perfect for sharing with parents of children who are developing typically or need non-intensive support in one or more developmental areas or with social-emotional skills.

ASQ-3 Learning Activities

These playful, developmentally appropriate activities

  • encourage progress in the same five developmental areas as ASQ®-3—communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social
  • use safe, age-appropriate materials that most families have at home
  • help even the youngest children develop crucial early language and literacy skills
  • promote closer parent–child interactions
  • serve as a natural follow-up for children who score in the ASQ-3 monitoring zone

New additions include a new set of activities for 0–2 months; more activities—30+ per age range; more language and literacy activities; more language modeling for parents; easy to email PDF format to share with parents; more differentiation of activities by age; and activities are now in color on the CD-ROM. Plus, the book includes a keycode for accessing the activities in your ASQ® Online account.

Now packaged as a book and CD-ROM together so you can photocopy, print, and email them as needed, these creative, cost-effective activities are the perfect way for parents and children to learn and have fun together.

Learn more about ASQ-3.

ASQ-3 Learning Activities

ASQ-3 Actividades de aprendizaje

ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More

Specially developed to complement ASQ®:SE-2, this essential resource makes it a snap to share practical social-emotional strategies with parents of children from birth to age 6.

In this book and CD-ROM set, you’ll get:

  • Social-emotional learning activities. With more than 90 fun, developmentally appropriate activities—10+ per age range—you’ll promote adult–child interaction and key social-emotional skills. Give them to parents after every screening to help children make progress in their social-emotional development.
  • Newsletters for parents. Along with the activities, give parents a copy of the newsletter that corresponds to their child’s age. Engaging and fun to read, these nine newsletters explain important social-emotional milestones, share tips on strengthening this area of development, and offer parents warm and encouraging words of wisdom.
  • Topic-specific handouts. You’ll get concise, age-specific one-sheets that answer parents’ questions about three big topics important to social-emotional development: feeding, sleeping, and calming. Also included are tip sheets on special topics such as choosing child care, establishing routines, learning to use the toilet, preparing for kindergarten, and more.
  • Hello, Parent! letter. Use this friendly letter to introduce the handouts to families and reinforce the importance of social-emotional development.

All materials are written at a fourth- to sixth-grade reading level to make them accessible to a wide range of parents. You can access and share the content in three easy ways: photocopy sheets right from the book, print full-color copies from the included CD-ROM, or share them with parents via email or through
ASQ Online. These creative activities are an effective, low-cost way for parents and children to learn and have fun together.

Learn more about ASQ:SE-2.

ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More

ASQ:SE-2 Actividades de aprendizaje y más

More than 400 fun and fast activities to support child development!

See a Sample ASQ-3 Learning Activity

Over 90 fun activities to support social-emotional development, parent newsletters to explain key social-emotional milestones, and handouts to answer parents’ important questions!

See a Sample ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More Packet

ASQ:SE-2 Actividades de aprendizaje y más provides all of the resources found in the ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities and More—translated into Spanish!

See a Sample Spanish ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More Packet

Learn how the ASQ Learning Activities can support your program’s work with young children and their families.

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Available in English and Spanish!

ASQ-3 Learning Activities
Paperback with CD-ROM
• Stock Number: 72469 • 2013 • ISBN 978-1-59857-246-9


ASQ-3 Actividades de aprendizaje
Paperback with CD-ROM
$49.95 • Stock Number: 72476 • 2013 • ISBN 978-1-59857-247-6


ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More
Paperback with CD-ROM
$49.95 • Stock Number: 69780 • December 2017 • ISBN 978-1-55766-978-0


ASQ:SE-2 Actividades de aprendizaje y más
Paperback with CD-ROM
$49.95 • Stock Number: 52735 • May 2018 • ISBN 978-1-68125-273-5



ASQ-3 Learning Activities and ASQ-3 Actividades de aprendizaje


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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    We chose ASQ because it is easy to do, low cost, culturally sensitive, and it meets our purpose of basic screening for our children’s development. Our infant teachers base their curriculum on each individual child based on the ASQ.”

    Kathy Bostic, Program Supervisor, Pinehurst Child Care Center