Hear from a mom who trusted her gut regarding concerns about her son’s development, even in the face of reassurances from family members and her son’s pediatrician. At the suggestion of the local First 5 Contra Costa center in California, her son was screened with ASQ®-3, which showed that, sure enough, Connor was outside the typical range in certain areas. When Connor’s pediatrician saw the results of the screening, he decided to go ahead and conduct an in-depth assessment, which showed positive markers for autism.

As a result of his diagnosis, Connor was able to get critical early intervention, regaining lost skills and making tremendous strides in areas such as social interaction. His mom is now confident that he is going on to kindergarten ready to learn and thrive.

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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    ASQ-3 has helped make our staff and our families more aware of developmentally appropriate growth and development. The resources that come with the ASQ-3 have been instrumental for parents to provide school readiness activities at home and to understand the objectives that we cover in our plans.”

    Jessica Trail, Head of Faculty & Administration, The Young School