Using ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 together

It’s common knowledge that all children should be screened early and often in order to determine which kids are developing typically and which are at risk for delays. Get the full picture by adding a social-emotional tool, such as ASQ:SE-2, to your screening program. Read More

9 best practices for using an interpreter for ASQ completion

A language or major cultural difference between professionals and parents can impact everyday communication, but it can be especially challenging during the ASQ screening process when face-to-face conversations may be pivotal. Follow these 9 best practices to ensure the screening process goes smoothly, even when families speak a different language. Read More

Improve your program with parent feedback

While there are lots of ways to evaluate program effectiveness, parent feedback is perhaps the most valuable since the success of the screening process rests on how accurately and thoroughly parents complete the questionnaires. Plan now to get the most of this year’s post-screening evaluations. Read More

The Keeping In Touch newsletter series

During 2014, The Keeping in Touch newsletter from the Army Educational & Developmental Intervention Services program ran an online article series featuring a monthly Q&A with ASQ developers. You can earn non-discipline specific continuing education hours by reading each newsletter in the series and completing a multiple-choice exam. Send questions to Read More

ASQ and the power of parent engagement

Learn how using ASQ provides child care programs with ample opportunities for parent engagement. Studies have shown that the more parents and families are involved in their children’s development and education from day one, the better equipped those parents will be to support early developmental goals, and ultimately, the better… Read More