3 Reasons Why ASQ Works Great for Home Visiting Programs

Early childhood home visiting professionals collaborate with families to create a healthy, nurturing environment where young children can learn and thrive. Because a big part of healthy development is regular screening, home visiting programs should be using a reliable tool like ASQ® with every young child they work with. See… Read More

ASQ Online to the Rescue

Running a successful screening program is a balancing act that demands time, resources, and lots of coordination. Plenty of organizations get it right, but it’s not always easy. See how ASQ Online can enhance your screening program with online data management, electronic questionnaire completion, and much more. Read More

Using the New Environmental Screening Questionnaire (ESQ™)

The Environmental Screening Questionnaire (ESQ™), Research Edition is a free, easy-to-use, parent-completed screening tool that helps you gather important information about children’s home environments. Learn more about this exciting new tool and how it can support the children and families in your program. Read More

Addressing Social-Emotional Needs During COVID-19

As the global pandemic continues and we come to terms with a school year that’s going to look drastically different, there’s growing discussion about the impact this is all having on kids’ social-emotional needs. It’s partially what has made back-to-school decisions so difficult for school systems and families. ASQ co-developer… Read More

Tips and Resources for Virtual ASQ Screenings

Virtual ASQ screenings have increased exponentially during the COVID-19 health crisis, presenting a range of challenges, such as getting questionnaires to parents, figuring out how to adapt materials, and handling technology issues. Here we’ve outlined some key tips and helpful resources to make your virtual screenings go as smoothly as… Read More

Free Training Resources, Right at Your Fingertips

When seeking to increase the effectiveness of screening programs, many administrators focus their attention on staff training and professional development. If more and better ASQ® training is on your to-do list, there are tons of resources you can access online for free in our ASQ Training Portal. Learn more in this newsletter article.  Read More

Developmental Screening: Answers from an Early Childhood Expert

Joining us for a Q&A is Jane Squires, Ph.D., a professor of special education at the University of Oregon and co-developer of the internationally renowned Ages & Stages Questionnaires® (ASQ®). In this article, Dr. Squires will answer seven commonly asked questions about screening and development Read More

9 Things to Do This Winter to Boost Children’s Development

The cold-weather months are the perfect time for simple, cozy activities that make the most enduring memories for children (and teach them important new skills at the same time). In this article, we’re sharing nine things that parents can do with their young children this winter—to bond with them and… Read More

Your Top ASQ:SE-2 Questions Answered

Since the release of ASQ:SE-2, we’ve received a lot of questions on a range of topics. Do you need to adjust a child’s age for prematurity? Is ASQ:SE-2 an autism screener? What should you do if a child scores in the monitoring zone? Discover the answers to these and other popular FAQs. Read More

8 Things to Do This Fall to Boost Your Child’s Development

Whether you plan special family vacations or fill your autumn days with close-to-home activities, it’s often the simple things you do with your children that make the best memories (and teach them important new skills)! Here are 8 things to do with your child this fall—to bond with them and boost… Read More