Prepare before you share ASQ screening results

Discussing ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 results can be a challenge, especially if there are areas of concern. Ensure families get the answers, support, and referrals they need with these tips for more productive parent meetings. Read More

Using SEAM with families

SEAM assesses children’s social and emotional development, and can evaluate a caregiver’s readiness for providing ongoing support. But the tool’s success relies heavily on caregiver involvement and interest. Use these tips to help your program engage better with families, for better child outcomes. Read More

7 behavioral areas screened by ASQ:SE-2

ASQ:SE-2 doesn’t have discrete areas with individual scores in the same way that ASQ-3 does, but there are actually seven behavioral areas covered by the questionnaires at every age interval. Find out what they are and view sample items. Read More

When an ASQ:SE-2 score raises concern

You’ve finished scoring the ASQ:SE-2 and find the child’s score to be in the monitoring zone or above the cutoff. Read this article to learn next steps, including follow-up activities that will help connect children and their families to important mental health intervention resources and other services. Read More

Planning your screening program

Many organizations are eager to start screening as soon as possible and may not spend enough time planning out the particulars of their ASQ-3 program. For future success, be sure to start with these 9 steps. Read More

Putting your trust in parents

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by how to include parents in the screening process with ASQ, you’re not alone. Discover the case for having parents complete questionnaires—and learn what to do when they can’t. Read More

Should teachers take the lead in completing ASQ questionnaires?

ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 were developed as parent-completed tools. With the rise in ASQ screening in child care centers and schools, more teachers are tackling questionnaires on their own. Are there downsides to this approach? And how can teachers better involve parents in the process?… Read More

ASQ around the world

Fifty researchers, practitioners, and affiliated ASQ publishers from 19 countries recently gathered in Stockholm, Sweden, for ASQ Around the World: The 2nd Invitational Symposium of International ASQ Researchers. … Read More