Prepare before you share ASQ screening results

Discussing ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 results can be a challenge, especially if there are areas of concern. Ensure families get the answers, support, and referrals they need with these tips for more productive parent meetings. Read More

Screening in Practices Initiative

Developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Screening in Practices Initiative was established to help improve the health, wellness, and development of children through practice and system-based interventions for early childhood screening, referral, and follow-up. Read More

ASQ:SE-2 Child Monitoring Sheet

Looking for an easy way to track a child’s ASQ:SE-2 screening results over time? Programs can download and complete this form to monitor a child’s progress. Read More

7 behavioral areas screened by ASQ:SE-2

ASQ:SE-2 doesn’t have discrete areas with individual scores in the same way that ASQ-3 does, but there are actually seven behavioral areas covered by the questionnaires at every age interval. Find out what they are and view sample items. Read More

We Use ASQ Poster

Are you a proud ASQ user? Download this 11″x17″ poster to share as a handout, or display prominently for parents, caregivers, and staff. Read More