Una introducción al ASQ:SE-2

View the Spanish introduction presentation to ASQ:SE-2 for a comprehensive overview of this social-emotional screening tool. This presentation addresses what’s new in the second edition, background information, benefits, scoring, and technical data. Read More

Una introducción al ASQ-3

View the Spanish introduction presentation to ASQ-3 for a comprehensive overview of this developmental screening tool. This presentation addresses background information, benefits, scoring, and technical data. Read More

Summary Report for 2015 ASQ-3 & ASQ:SE-2 Training of Trainers Institute

The 2015 ASQ-3™ & ASQ:SE-2™ Training of Trainers Institute was held August 5–7, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA. Presented by Brookes on Location, the professional development program of Brookes Publishing, the Institute was a 2½ day event. This report summarizes the events of the Institute and includes participant feedback. Read More

Developmental Screening Toolkit

Download this toolkit, filled with free resources to help programs successfully implement ASQ-3. This toolkit includes tips for screening with ASQ-3, engaging with families, and boosting child development. Read More

Screening Resources for Title V Action Planning

Developed by the State Public Health Autism Resource Center (SPHARC), this set of online resources focuses on developmental and autism screening for state systems. The webpage includes a variety of resources, including recorded webinars, case stories, sample state strategies, and links to websites with more online resources. Read More

The Keeping In Touch newsletter series

During 2014, The Keeping in Touch newsletter from the Army Educational & Developmental Intervention Services program ran an online article series featuring a monthly Q&A with ASQ developers. You can earn non-discipline specific continuing education hours by reading each newsletter in the series and completing a multiple-choice exam. Send questions to Read More

How ASQ-3 Works

From selecting a questionnaire to scoring, ASQ-3 is easy to integrate into any program. View this infographic and discover the six easy steps to screening success. Read More

Screening Glossary

Learn the lingo! Download and use this screening glossary to better understand the terms commonly associated with developmental screening. Read More