5 Reasons to Use ASQ Family Access

ASQ Family Access® is a user-friendly option that gives parents the ability to complete ASQ questionnaires online through a secure, customizable website. Here are 5 ways that Family Access can help you and the families you serve.  Read More

ASQ Online System Features

ASQ Online provides user-friendly options for data management, online questionnaire completion, and automated data transfer between systems. See what ASQ Online can do for you with this detailed list of system features for each subscription type.  Read More

Your Top ASQ:SE-2 Questions Answered

Since the release of ASQ:SE-2, we’ve received a lot of questions on a range of topics. Do you need to adjust a child’s age for prematurity? Is ASQ:SE-2 an autism screener? What should you do if a child scores in the monitoring zone? Discover the answers to these and other popular FAQs. Read More

Are you getting the full picture of child development?

It is common knowledge that young children should be screened early and often to monitor development, celebrate milestones, and identify possible delays. But you can get an even fuller picture—one that also focuses on both development and social-emotional well-being—by adding ASQ: SE-2 to your screening program. Learn more about integrating social-emotional… Read More