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Use the resources on this page as you begin screening with ASQ-3!


General Resources

6 illustrated steps for developmental screening success

How ASQ Works
This one-page guide illustrates the 6 steps to implement the ASQ-3.
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inforgraphic illustrating the eight steps for teachers using asq3 with parents



Steps for Teachers Using ASQ-3 Together with Parents
This guide provides additional considerations for teachers to use the ASQ-3 together with families.
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Three Common ASQ Screening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
This guide helps parents and teachers avoid common mistakes made when administering and scoring the ASQ-3. 
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Age Administration Chart
This chart assists parents and teachers in selecting the correct questionnaire to use with their child.
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Materials Needed to Administer ASQ-3 Page 1 (2–10 Months)ASQ-3 Materials Checklist
This chart lists which materials are needed in order to administer the ASQ-3 screening. Please refer to the list that is representative of the child’s appropriate age questionnaire according to the Age Administration Chart.
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Score Adjustment Chart for ASQ-3
This chart provides adjusted area scores when one or two items in an area are missing responses.
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Family Support Resources

Introducing ASQ-3 to Parents
Parents are more comfortable and engaged in screening when they understand what it’s for and how it works. This list offers helpful talking points for speaking with families about ASQ-3.
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Helping Parents Understand the Benefits of Developmental Screening
This guide provides answers to 3 most common questions families have regarding screening: What is developmental screening? Why is developmental screening important? What are the benefits of screening?
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Helping Parents Complete ASQ
This guide reviews tips to help teachers support parents during the ASQ-3 screening process.
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Emergent Multilingual Learners and Diverse Cultures Resources

Tips for Screening Children from Diverse Cultures
This resource offers guidance on how to develop and maintain best cultural practices for screening and administering ASQ-3.
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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    “I like the ASQ:SE, which is an easy non-threatening tool to use to assess important social-emotional developmental milestones of the baby…. This tool lends itself well to developing educational activities to foster a healthy parenting relationship.”

    Cynthia Suire, MSN, RN, Nurse–Family Partnership Program Louisiana Office of Public Health