An Innovative Training Plan for Ensuring Effective Community-Wide ASQ Screening

Meaningful, effective, and consistent training can be a challenging part of large screening initiatives, especially those involving multiple community partners. In this webinar, you’ll hear solutions from Shannon Ellison, Manager of Health and Development for the Collaboration for Early Childhood, a collective impact agency in Oak Park, Illinois. Read More

Free Training Resources, Right at Your Fingertips

When seeking to increase the effectiveness of screening programs, many administrators focus their attention on staff training and professional development. If more and better ASQ® training is on your to-do list, there are tons of resources you can access online for free in our ASQ Training Portal. Learn more in this newsletter article.  Read More

Training your staff on ASQ

Learn all about importance of formal training and the different resources available that can help you and your staff use the tools to fidelity! Read More

Training Portal

Introduce ASQ to your staff anytime and anywhere with the free resources in the ASQ Training Portal. These presentations, activities, and handouts can be used again and again to teach new staff members the fundamentals of ASQ and empower them to work effectively with children and families. Read More

Planning your screening program

Many organizations are eager to start screening as soon as possible and may not spend enough time planning out the particulars of their ASQ-3 program. For future success, be sure to start with these 9 steps. Read More

Una introducción al ASQ:SE-2

View the Spanish introduction presentation to ASQ:SE-2 for a comprehensive overview of this social-emotional screening tool. This presentation addresses what’s new in the second edition, background information, benefits, scoring, and technical data. Read More