Optimizing Child Find Efforts with ASQ Online

School districts across the country are required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to systematically identify children with disabilities and provide the services they need. In this webinar, you’ll hear how one school district in Delaware uses ASQ® Online to meet the Child Find mandate and increase access to screening for all the children in their district. Read More

An Innovative Training Plan for Ensuring Effective Community-Wide ASQ Screening

Meaningful, effective, and consistent training can be a challenging part of large screening initiatives, especially those involving multiple community partners. In this webinar, you’ll hear solutions from Shannon Ellison, Manager of Health and Development for the Collaboration for Early Childhood, a collective impact agency in Oak Park, Illinois. Read More

5 Reasons to Use ASQ Family Access

ASQ Family Access® is a user-friendly option that gives parents the ability to complete ASQ questionnaires online through a secure, customizable website. Here are 5 ways that Family Access can help you and the families you serve.  Read More

Completing an ASQ Screening Through Family Access Walkthrough Video

ASQ Online's Family Access makes it easy for families to complete an ASQ screening on their phone, tablet, or computer! This video provides a step-by-step walkthrough of a questionnaire completion through Family Access. Share this video with parents to familiarize them with Family Access and to guide them through the process.  Read More

ASQ Online System Features

ASQ Online provides user-friendly options for data management, online questionnaire completion, and automated data transfer between systems. See what ASQ Online can do for you with this detailed list of system features for each subscription type.  Read More

8 Reasons Users Love ASQ Online

There’s a long list of reasons why ASQ Online is used—and embraced—by early childhood programs and pediatricians around the world. See 8 reasons shared by actual ASQ Online users!… Read More

Tips and Resources for Virtual ASQ Screenings

Virtual ASQ screenings have increased exponentially during the COVID-19 health crisis, presenting a range of challenges, such as getting questionnaires to parents, figuring out how to adapt materials, and handling technology issues. Here we’ve outlined some key tips and helpful resources to make your virtual screenings go as smoothly as… Read More

Connecting Data Across Systems

Many organizations providing services to young children have centralized database and tracking systems. When planning a screening program, it’s essential to consider how screening data will fit with these existing systems. Use this resource to learn about how you can incorporate ASQ data into your existing data systems. Read More