Training Portal

Introduce ASQ to your staff anytime and anywhere with the free resources in the ASQ Training Portal. These presentations, activities, and handouts can be used again and again to teach new staff members the fundamentals of ASQ and empower them to work effectively with children and families. Read More

ASQ Referral Tips

You’ve finished scoring ASQ-3 or ASQ:SE-2 and the child’s results are in the monitoring zone, below the cutoff for ASQ-3, or above the cutoff for ASQ:SE-2. What do you do now? View this handout for a list of potential follow-up actions. Read More

Connecting Data Across Systems

Many organizations providing services to young children have centralized database and tracking systems. When planning a screening program, it’s essential to consider how screening data will fit with these existing systems. Use this resource to learn about how you can incorporate ASQ data into your existing data systems. Read More

Screening Success Decisions Guide

A successful screening and monitoring program is supported by thorough and comprehensive planning. Use this decisions guide to make sure you consider key questions as you plan your program. Read More

Interpreting ASQ:SE-2 Results

After scoring items on ASQ:SE-2 questionnaires, it’s important to review the results. These tips will help you review ASQ:SE-2 results, understand what the score indicates, and consider possible next steps. Read More

ASQ:SE-2 Scoring Help

Sometimes professionals have questions when scoring ASQ:SE-2 because it’s a little different from scoring ASQ-3. Use these tips to help you score ASQ:SE-2 questionnaires accurately every time. Read More

ASQ-3 Scoring Help

Sometimes professionals have questions when scoring ASQ-3. Use these tips to help you score ASQ-3 questionnaires accurately every time. Read More

ASQ Calculator App

When it comes to screening, accuracy is important. Don’t second guess your by-hand calculations—use our app instead! Access the ASQ Age Calculator and Adjusted Score Calculator at your fingertips! Available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store. Read More