Why Parent Report?

View the tip sheet and discover why parent-report screening tools are so effective. This resource highlights the advantages of using a parent-report screening tool. Read More

All About Developmental Screening

Not all parents or caregivers may be familiar with developmental screening. This handout answers the ‘what’ and ‘why’ about the importance of developmental screening. Read More

Score Adjustment Chart for ASQ-3

Occasionally, parents or caregivers may skip items on ASQ questionnaires. Use this chart to calculate adjusted area scores when items are missing from ASQ-3 questionnaires. Read More

ChildPlus Quick Reference Guide

ChildPlus is the most widely used Head Start program management software with over 1,500 Head Start and Early Head Start agencies choosing the system. View the handout and learn how to import Child Profile Data from ChildPlus into ASQ Online. Read More