What constitutes a “site”?
A site is defined as a physical location, such as an office.

What is considered a “single site”?
A program with just one physical location—such as the office of a pediatrician in private practice or a preschool with one location—is a single site.

Single-site programs purchase one copy of ASQ. For online data management, single-site programs choose ASQ Pro.

What is meant by “multisite”?
An organization may have multiple sites, such as the “downtown office” and the “East branch.” Sites within the same organization may be located in the same city or town, the same county, the same state, or even different states.


  • University of Michigan: U-M has three campuses in Michigan: Ann Arbor, Flint, and Dearborn. Each campus is a different site; therefore the main campus in Ann Arbor and the two branch campuses purchase their own copies of ASQ.
  • Head Start: Even though Head Start programs are part of a larger organization, each center must purchase its own ASQ.

For online data management, multisite programs choose ASQ Enterprise.

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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    ASQ-3 has helped make our staff and our families more aware of developmentally appropriate growth and development. The resources that come with the ASQ-3 have been instrumental for parents to provide school readiness activities at home and to understand the objectives that we cover in our plans.”

    Jessica Trail, Head of Faculty & Administration, The Young School