Using SEAM with families

SEAM assesses children’s social and emotional development, and can evaluate a caregiver’s readiness for providing ongoing support. But the tool’s success relies heavily on caregiver involvement and interest. Use these tips to help your program engage better with families, for better child outcomes. Read More

10 FREE Social-Emotional Development Resources

As the significance of social-emotional development becomes recognized more and more in our legislation and by key early childhood organizations, help support the children as they develop these critical skills. Use these practical free resource from prominent early childhood organizations to get started. Read More

10 SEAM Benchmarks

Use this tip sheet to help monitor child progress toward social-emotional goals. This handout contains ten benchmarks critical to social-emotional competence. Read More


See a sample SEAM Preschool form. Each interval of the SEAM child assessment evaluates 10 child benchmarks critical to social-emotional competence, including empathy, adaptive skills, self-image, emotional responses, and healthy interactions with others. Read More

SEAM Family Profile Form

See a sample SEAM Family Profile Preschool form. Each interval of the SEAM Family Profile assessment measures four benchmarks key to a nurturing home environment: responding to needs, providing activities and play, providing predictable routines and an appropriate environment, and ensuring home safety. Read More

SEAM Technical Report

To confirm the utility and efficacy of SEAM, intensive research has been performed. Read more about the research behind SEAM in this technical appendix. Read More