Success Story: Screening in the Child Welfare System

Learn how and why Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare (DPW) adopted the ASQ-3 and the ASQ:SE as the program’s screening tools of choice after the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania established a statewide developmental and social-emotional screening program. Read More

Success Story: Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Children’s Museum is pint-sized indoor city built just for kids in Irvine, CA,. Learn how Pretend City Children’s Museum teaches parents about children’s developmental stages through creative use of ASQ. Read More

Success Story: LACOE Head Start

Discover why the Los Angeles County Office of Education Head Start–State Preschool Program (LACOE Head Start) adopted ASQ and ASQ:SE as their official standardized screening tools in this case story. Read More

Success Story: The EDOPC Project

Read about the Enhancing Developmentally Oriented Primary Care (EDOPC) Project that has improved preventive health and developmental services for children birth to 3 in Illinois. Read More

Success Story: Baltimore Infants and Toddlers Program

For early intervention programs where children are already receiving services to address developmental or social-emotional delays, ASQ can be a valuable tool for ongoing monitoring and for addressing new concerns as they arise. Discover how one early intervention program uses ASQ to meet its ongoing screening needs. Read More

ASQ:SE-2 Case Story

This case story is about a 3-year-old boy, whose family experienced on-and-off homelessness. This child received ASQ:SE-2 screening through an early childhood program run through a day center’s services for families in transition. Read More