The World Is Changing. So Is ASQ.

Happy baby playing with terrestrial globe on an orange plaid

Sometimes it seems like the world is changing faster than a child does.

We’re living in a more diverse and inclusive world than ever. We’re fielding new challenges, new technologies, and new approaches in education, child care, and parenting. And we’re learning more every day about how kids develop and what they need to get a great start in life.

ASQ® has always been the tool you trust to support children’s healthy development, and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we’re working on a new edition of ASQ: one that meets the needs of families in today’s changing world.

4/1/2021 Update: Research has been collected for the new edition and the authors are working on the data.  Stay tuned for more information in the coming months about the next edition.

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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    We chose ASQ because it is easy to do, low cost, culturally sensitive, and it meets our purpose of basic screening for our children’s development. Our infant teachers base their curriculum on each individual child based on the ASQ.”

    Kathy Bostic, Program Supervisor, Pinehurst Child Care Center