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Euphoric female winner winning at homeASQ® Keycodes are now available for customers who have purchased ASQ®-3 Arabic, ASQ®-3 French, or ASQ®-3 Vietnamese Questionnaires on CD-ROM*.

To add ASQ-3 Arabic, ASQ-3 French, or ASQ-3 Vietnamese questionnaires to your ASQ Online account, you will need to submit a Keycode Request Form. You may also use this form to request replacement keycodes for any previously purchased ASQ-3 or ASQ®:SE-2 Questionnaires, including:

  • ASQ®-3 in English
  • ASQ®-3 in Spanish
  • ASQ®-3 in French
  • ASQ®-3 in Arabic
  • ASQ®-3 in Vietnamese
  • ASQ®:SE-2 in English
  • ASQ®:SE-2 in Spanish
  • ASQ®:SE-2 in French



1. Print the Keycode Request Form on your organization’s letterhead and complete
 the form.

2. Find a valid proof of purchase for the ASQ product(s) that require a replacement
 keycode. A valid proof of purchase is considered one of the following:

  • Initial purchase receipt for the product(s)
  • Copyright page(s) from the ASQ-3 English, ASQ-3 Spanish, ASQ:SE-2 English, or ASQ:SE-2 Spanish (located on the inside front cover of the ASQ-3 Product Overview)
  • Title page(s) from the ASQ-3 French, ASQ-3 Arabic, ASQ-3 Vietnamese, or ASQ:SE-2 French CD-ROMs (located on the first page of the Master Set file on the CD-ROM)

3. Fax or mail the completed form and valid proof of purchase for the corresponding
 ASQ product(s) to Brookes Publishing Co. Please include ATTN: Customer Service
 (ASQ Keycode Request).

4. Upon the verification and approval of your request, we will email a keycode to the
 e-mail address you provided on your completed ASQ® Keycode Request Form.


Download the Keycode Request Form


*Please note that to receive a keycode you must have a current paid subscription to ASQ Online.
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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    We chose ASQ because it is easy to do, low cost, culturally sensitive, and it meets our purpose of basic screening for our children’s development. Our infant teachers base their curriculum on each individual child based on the ASQ.”

    Kathy Bostic, Program Supervisor, Pinehurst Child Care Center