Streamline Your Workflow

As a professional working with young children and families, you already have a lot on your plate. Government regulations, program requirements, and quality indicators are growing and changing all the time, and the daily demands on your schedule can be overwhelming. ASQ® Online isn’t here to add “one more thing” to your list—it’s here to streamline your workflow, slash paperwork, and solve your biggest problems.

Easy, efficient screening is the goal. ASQ Online is the answer.

Picture a program that runs like clockwork—and frees up time you can spend helping families.

When you’re aiming to screen every child in your community, you need an efficient way to manage your workflow and keep track of all your data. Your entire screening process is easier with ASQ Online!

The system automates everything from questionnaire selection to scoring to screening reminders, decreasing human error and simplifying processes that tie up your time. And with our automated programming interface (API) technology, you can seamlessly synchronize your electronic data system with ASQ Online—no duplicate data entry needed.

Save time, reduce errors

It’s all automated for you: questionnaire selection, scoring, important reminders of upcoming screenings and follow-up tasks.

Link your current system to ASQ Online

Our convenient API connects ASQ Online with your other databases and automatically transfers data between the two systems.

Collect the data you need

With ASQ Online, you can add custom fields that help you collect and store any specific data you need from parents.

Using the ASQ Online API allowed Help Me Grow Orange County to “process many more screenings with much less staff time.” Read their story here »

Think of all the time you spend on paperwork and data entry, and imagine using more of that time to help the children and families you work with. That’s what ASQ Online does for the users who rely on it around the world—and that’s what it can do for you!

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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    “What I love about the ASQ is that it allows our staff to catch delays quickly and allows us to get our clients the early intervention programs that they sometimes need. In many cases [ASQ] helps us catch children up before they start kindergarten, therefore providing children with the start that they deserve.

    Sharon Gee, Supervisor, Healthy Families Niagara