ASQ Age Calculator

    This function calculates a child’s age and indicates the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE questionnaire intervals.

    To use, enter the questionnaire administration date, the child’s birth date, and the number of weeks premature.

    To determine weeks premature, subtract gestational age from 39 weeks (full-term pregnancy). You may also subtract from 38 or 40 weeks if that is your program’s standard practice.

    Click Calculate.

    Adjusted Score

      This function calculates an adjusted score for an ASQ questionnaire when items are missing. Adjusted scores do not penalize children for unanswered items.

      To use, choose the screener (ASQ-3 or ASQ:SE) and enter the total score and number of items missing. For ASQ:SE questionnaires, enter the questionnaire interval. Click Calculate.

      ASQ-3 areas cannot be scored if more than two items are missing. ASQ:SE 6 to 18 month questionnaires cannot be scored if more than 2 questions are missing and ASQ:SE 24 to 60 month questionnaires cannot be scored if more than 3 questions are missing.

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