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ASQ-3 Age Calculator

Always choose the right ASQ-3 questionnaire for a child’s age with this quick, convenient Age Calculator! Just enter the child’s birth date and the date you’ll administer ASQ-3, and the calculator tells you which questionnaire to use. It even makes corrections for prematurity—enter how many weeks premature, and the calculator makes the adjustment in seconds. A quick, accurate way to make sure your ASQ-3 screening is always age-appropriate!

The ASQ-3 Age Calculator is currently displaying inaccurate questionnaire results for children ages 25 months, 16 days through 34 months, 30 days. While we work to fix this, for this age range, use the calculator to calculate the child’s age and then use the chart below to choose the correct questionnaire.

Age ASQ-3 Questionnaire
23 months 0 days through 25 months 15 days 24 month
25 months 16 days through 28 months 15 days 27 month
28 months 16 days through 31 months 15 days 30 month
31 months 16 days through 34 months 15 days 33 month
34 months 16 days through 38 months 30 days 36 month

This calculator is for ASQ-3 questionnaires only; we plan to add information for ASQ:SE questionnaires in the future.

The Age Calculator is supplied in good faith by Brookes Publishing and is intended as a guide in the selection of the appropriate interval among the ASQ-3 Questionnaires. The calculator is provided as a free service to our users. Although the calculator has been developed with care and tested in different scenarios, no guarantee, explicit or implied, is made regarding the accuracy or suitability to a specific purpose. If you find any error or issue in using the calculator, please get in touch with us at webmaster@brookespublishing.com.

Created: September 2009
Revised: December 2010