Web-based screening options for pediatric practices

In addition to ASQ® Online, ASQ® questionnaires are available through ASQ Patient Tools® (PTI) and the Comprehensive Health and Decision Information System (CHADIS), two web-based systems designed specifically for pediatric practices.


Improved efficiencies for pediatric practices: ASQ PTI.

ASQ Patient Tools® (PTI) is a family of apps that allows a health care practice to implement a seamless electronic screening system. PTI will save time, streamline workflow, and ensure the ASQ process is as error-proof as possible with exciting features designed to meet the specific needs of pediatric practices and health care systems:

ASQ PTI is a paperless screening option for pediatric practices that makes it even easier for parents to complete questionnaires pre-visit or in offices.
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  • Flexible administration options. Now parents can complete ASQ questionnaires based on a pre-determined schedule, prior to the visit (online from home) or in pediatric office via a computer or tablet.
  • Easy, automated parent interview, with built-in onscreen prompts and optional audio tracks that help families with low literacy skills respond accurately.
  • Inclusion of ASQ in comprehensive interviews with other pediatric tools, such as EPDS, M-CHAT, Vanderbilt (ADHD), PSC, CRAFFT, and more. Enable parents to complete ALL the tools needed before a visit and have the data stored conveniently in one system.
  • Secure and confidential automatic scoring. Whether collected online or in pediatric offices, responses are automatically scored and a report generated within seconds.
  • Options with PTI Data Exchange for integrating assessment data with your electronic health record (EHR) system (additional costs may apply).
  • Automated generation of chart ready, real-time reports, such as an extended Information Summary report, which includes a “red flags” section to help detect areas of concern and a “status over time” section that shows trends in a child’s development.
  • More languages for working effectively with diverse families. Both ASQ®-3 is available in English, Spanish, Somali, and Hmong. ASQ®:SE-2 is available in English and Spanish, and Somali and Hmong will be coming soon.
  • FREE telephone and live remote support included with your subscription.

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Primary care screening, scoring, support, and more.

Designed exclusively for use in primary care practices, CHADIS®, the Comprehensive Health and Decision Information System, is a comprehensive web-based screening, diagnosis, and management system that administers and analyzes pre-visit, online questionnaires. CHADIS offers:

  • convenient web-based ASQ questionnaire completion
  • automatic questionnaire scoring
  • time-based graphical displays
  • report generation
  • links to decision support information
  • support for billing of insurance payment for developmental screening

Parents can complete the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 on a computer, touch screen tablet, or smart phone anywhere internet access is available. Learn more about how CHADIS helps clinicians address parents’ concerns about their child’s development and streamlines other routines of pediatric care.

How does CHADIS work?
  • CHADIS delivers the doctor’s pre-selected questionnaires and families complete them online at home or in the waiting room
  • CHADIS collects all the answers, and automatically scores and tabulates them in an user-friendly electronic worksheet
  • CHADIS presents provisional diagnoses and links to decision-support information based on the responses
  • CHADIS selects informational handouts and community resources specific to the child and family needs
  • CHADIS captures additional Clinician comments and information during the office visit
  • CHADIS stores all visit data, creating a full record that can be copied into EMRs for referrals, billing, positive screen registry and patient diagnoses tracking

Want to learn more about how CHADIS helps clinicians address parents’ concerns about their child’s development and streamlines other routines of pediatric care? Learn more about CHADIS

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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    “What I love about the ASQ is that it allows our staff to catch delays quickly and allows us to get our clients the early intervention programs that they sometimes need. In many cases [ASQ] helps us catch children up before they start kindergarten, therefore providing children with the start that they deserve.

    Sharon Gee, Supervisor, Healthy Families Niagara