Social-Emotional Screening of Young Children Webinar

In this webinar, assessment and intervention experts, Erin Barton, PhD and Elizabeth Steed, PhD, describe the purpose of social-emotional screening of young children in the context of promoting social-emotional development and identifying children at risk for social-emotional difficulties. This webinar provides an overview of specific social-emotional screening tools and… Read More

SEAM Parent Summary Form

Share this form with caregivers before reviewing SEAM results to help engage families in the process of identifying strengths, identifying areas to focus on, and sharing ideas and activities that can support the development of the identified skill. Read More

Using SEAM with families

SEAM assesses children’s social and emotional development, and can evaluate a caregiver’s readiness for providing ongoing support. But the tool’s success relies heavily on caregiver involvement and interest. Use these tips to help your program engage better with families, for better child outcomes. Read More

When an ASQ:SE-2 score raises concern

You’ve finished scoring the ASQ:SE-2 and find the child’s score to be in the monitoring zone or above the cutoff. Read this article to learn next steps, including follow-up activities that will help connect children and their families to important mental health intervention resources and other services. Read More

10 FREE Social-Emotional Development Resources

As the significance of social-emotional development becomes recognized more and more in our legislation and by key early childhood organizations, help support the children as they develop these critical skills. Use these practical free resource from prominent early childhood organizations to get started. Read More