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Using the ASQ-3 Overall Questions

The ASQ-3 Overall questions can add real value to the screening process and can bring attention to potential areas of concern. This chart explains the intent behind each of the questions asked in the Overall section and provides examples of referrals that could be made as a next step.

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Cómo interpretar los resultados del ASQ:SE-2

After scoring items on ASQ:SE-2 Spanish questionnaires, it’s important to review the results. These tips, translated into Spanish, will help you review ASQ:SE-2 results, understand what the score indicates, and consider possible next steps.

Seguimiento ASQ:SE-2

After interpreting ASQ:SE-2 results, planning the next steps for children with social-emotional concerns can be complex. Use this handout to help you consider various actions that you may take depending on the child’s specific results.