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Discover how one Maryland child care center uses ASQ to make a difference.

You know how critical the first 5 years of life are. The sooner you catch a delay or disability, the sooner you can help connect children with services and supports that make a real difference. That’s why you’ll love Ages & Stages Questionnaires™ (ASQ), the parent-completed developmental and social-emotional screeners professionals have trusted for more than 15 years to pinpoint delays as early as possible.

Use Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ-3) for developmental screening and Ages and Stages Questionnaires®:Social-Emotional (ASQ:SE-2) for social-emotional screening, and you’ll see why more professionals choose ASQ over any other screener. And with multiple web-based ASQ options available, it’s easy to ensure accurate screening, give parents fast online access to the questionnaires, and manage your entire screening program.

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