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ASQ addresses language and social functioning more specifically than other tools we have used, making it ideal for autism screening…

What ASQ Users Are Saying

What is ASQ?

Top organizations identify ASQ as a high quality screener:

  • American Academy of Neurology
  • Child Neurology Society
  • First Signs

Does not imply endorsement by these organizations.

Professionals rely on ASQ for the best developmental and social-emotional screening for children from one month to 5 ½ years. Highly reliable and valid, ASQ looks at strengths and trouble spots, educates parents about developmental milestones, and incorporates parents’ expert knowledge about their children.

See the ASQ Products page for full descriptions of each component.


Screening Available in multiple languages and formats, ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE questionnaires are easy for parents to complete.


Data Management Run fast child and program reports, get automated scoring of questionnaires, easily track referrals and screenings, and more with ASQ Pro, ASQ Enterprise, and ASQ Hub.


Activities Fun, inexpensive, age-appropriate learning activities help parents encourage their child’s development in key areas.


Training Customize a seminar through Brookes On Location, attend a pre-planned annual seminar, and invest in cost-effective training DVDs to help you make the most of your ASQ.