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ASQ: recommended by the highest authorities.

ASQ continues to be heralded as the “gold standard” for developmental screening by leading authorities and users worldwide. ASQ’s powerful combination of reliability, convenience, affordability, and family involvement can be credited for ASQ’s ongoing success.


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Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook

Birth to Five: Watch Me Thrive! federal initiative


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[1] Drotar et al. (2008) Selecting Developmental Surveillance and Screening Tools. Pediatrics in Review. 29: 52–58.
[2] Spies, R. A., & Plake, B. S. (Eds.). (2005). The sixteenth mental measurements yearbook. Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements.

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    What ASQ Users are Saying

    “What I love about the ASQ is that it allows our staff to catch delays quickly and allows us to get our clients the early intervention programs that they sometimes need. In many cases [ASQ] helps us catch children up before they start kindergarten, therefore providing children with the start that they deserve.

    Sharon Gee, Supervisor, Healthy Families Niagara